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History and Info

During the year 1955 the Savithri Thamiz Padasalai was formed in Chatsworth Main Road. An appeal was made to the Saiva Sithantha Sungum of 37 Derby Street, Durban to conduct regular prayer services in Umhlatuzana.
On the 28 July 1955 the first prayer service was conducted by Sri Sivananda Navaler, the foremost disciple of our Master.
Regular prayer services were held and they were well attended by the residents of Umhlatuzana. For the first two years weekly prayer services were conducted by Swami Navaler and thereafter by Swami Satchidananda.
From the year 1957 to 1968 Swami Somananda was appointed as the branch's spritual head. The branch was certainly a happy one under the able guidance of Swami Somananda.
Since the inception of the branch, the branch Swami and members were ever willing to render prayer services at funerals, weddings and to the sick at home. In order to encourage and invite more members, outdoor lectures were held. As the membership increased, the members were determined to purchase a plot of land and build an Alayam of their own.
At a committee meeting held on 16 February 1962 it was resolved that the branch purchase a plot of land at Lot No. 599 25th avenue, Umhlatzana for the sum of R850.00.
On the 26 February 1963 the authority was received from the Natal Provincial Administration, granting special consent for the plot to be used for religious purposes and incidental thereto. On the 3rd May 1963, Mr V.M Naidoo, a trustee of the branch turned the soil in the Official ceremony held at the plot.
Through the aid of voluntary skilled labour and with close co-operation from the members of the branch, the Umhlatuzana branch had paved its way to success. The branch evolved from a wood and iron temple to a beautiful alayam which we are privileged to have today. The prayer hall was completed and it served as a focal point for the people to come together, without this people would have led a life of isolation based on material values only.
From 1966 to 2008, Swami Krishnananda was appointed to lead the branch until he attained samadhi. Guru V.Naidoo then led the branch until he relocated to Gauteng and Guru Pathmavathi then took over the spiritual duties.