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Historical pics

I have been given pictures taken some 20 to 30 years ago and I think that it is only right that I insert these valuable and historical pictures for all to see. It is quite interesting to note that Guru Soobramoney Phillip accepted and recognised the natural Lingam that was found in Nelspruit when many others at that time dismissed it out of hand. It is also pleasing to see that Swami Navaler took an active interest in the fledgling Lenasia Branch and I am sure he would have been very pleased to see the branch still propagating the Master's works.
The late Hawaiian Swami His Holiness Sivaya Subramuniyaswami also visited the branch and Guru Phillip was very influential in distributing Hinduism Today which was the medium of Saivite propagation in those early years.
A great influence was also the Maharishi Kavi Yogi who enthralled all who visited him and who listened to his various lectures.