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Mathar Sungum

The ladies of the Sungum have long operated or carried out their duties in the manner that can be best described as unassuming. It has been stated many a time that without the ladies of the Sungum the Sungum would not be the vibrant and strong Organisation that it is today. In every branch of the Sungum it is our ladies that are the backbone of the branch. This is true when one goes back to the inception of our Sungum and to the very present and the future of the Sungum.
In as much as many of our ladies carry out their duties without complaint or ask for recognition or acknowledgement it is most appropriate that we now have a fully fledged Mathar Sungum or the resurrection of a recognised group of ladies. The Sungum can and will be stronger due to the creation of this body. It is hoped that every female from every branch actively participates in making not only the Mathar Sungum stronger but in effect the Sungum stronger.