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The 63 Saivite Saints

Names of 63 Saints and a brief history

1. Sundaramurthi Nayanar
Sundaramurthi Nayanar was born in Thiru Navalur, in an atmosphere full of spiritual vibrations and Saivism. He was a great devotee of Lord Siva. He is one of the Tamil Samaya Acharyas (four Tamil religious Teachers). Sundaramurthi Nayanar, with a friend like attitude towards Lord Siva sang the glories of Lord Siva at all the sacred places that he visited.
2. ThiruNeelakanta Nayanar
Thiru Neelakanta Nayanar lived in Chidambaram. A potter by caste and profession and had great regard and love for Lord Siva (His Neelakanta aspect) and His devotees. He led an ideal household life and achieved the ultimate state with his intense devotion.
3. Iyarpahai Nayanar
Iyarpahaiar, a Visya by caste, was a native of Kaveripoompattinam. To him Siva Bhaktas were the living manifestations of Lord Siva. Charity was ingrained in him. It was his practice to invite Siva Bhaktas to his house, worship them with faith and devotion and give them all they wanted. Through his life, Lord revealed the truth that unquestioning devotion does not result in the violation of the Dharma.
4. IlayankudiMara Nayanar
Marnar, a farmer by profession from Ilayankudi village, later transformed into Ilayankudi Mara Nayanar , through his great devotion of Lord Siva and His devotees. He took the greatest pleasure in serving them. Lord Siva bestowed him with unique darshan (vision or experience) - Lord Siva and Mother Parvathy showered Their blessing on him and his wife. He reached the ultimate state with his devotion to Siva.
5. Maiporul Nayanar
Maiporul Nayanar (meaning 'one for whom God was the sole reality') was a pious, chivalrous and brave king and an ardent devote of Siva and all His devotees. There was peace and plenty in his kingdom. People worshipped him as the “living God”. He gave his word that any of Lord Siva's devotees will be welcomed and taken care of, in his kingdom. A neighbouring king, who dressed up as a Siva bhakta (devotee) plotted against him and stabbed him, Maiporul gave him protection and sent him back. This pious act, in face of death made him attain Siva's consciousness.
6. Viralminda Nayanar
A Vellala by caste and a staunch devotee of Lord Siva, Viralminda Nayanar was born in Sengunru. Through the grace of Siva, he was free from ego. He had equal vision. He served His devotees and attained purity of mind. To him worship of Siva Bhaktas was equal, if not even superior to the worship of Lord Siva Himself. He felt that no one could get Siva's grace without first worshipping Siva Bhaktas. Before worshipping the Lord at the temples, he used to worship the Siva Bhaktas who might be found there.
7. Amaraneedi Nayanar
Amaraneedi Nayanar was a Vaisya by caste and was an ardent Siva Bhakta.He belonged to Pazhaiyaarai in the Chola Kingdom. He used to run an import export business in gold, diamonds, silks and cotton goods. He earned money honestly and became rich. Though he was engaged in worldly activities, his mind was fixed on Lord Siva. He would invite Siva Bhaktas to his house and worship them. He reached the ultimate knowledge and merged into eternal bliss with his devotional attitude.
8. Eripatha Nayanar
Eripatha Nayanar was born in Karuvur city that is situated on the bank of the river Ambiravatiin the Chola Kingdom. On both the banks of this river saints and sages were doing Tapas (penance) and were radiating spiritual vibrations. Eripatha Nayanar was daily worshipping Lord Pasupatheesvarar with great faith and devotion. Pleased with his devotion, he was showered with state of ultimate bliss by Siva.
9. Enadinatha Nayanar
A Shanar (toddy tapper), Enadinatha Nayanar was born in Eyinanur in Chola Kingdom. It was situated to the south-east of Kumbakonam on the bank of the river Arisol. Enadinathar was an ardent devotee of Lord Siva, he was devoted even to the external marks of Siva Bhakti. To Enadiar, the three white lines of Thiruneeru or sacred ash on one's forehead were sufficient to evoke his own reverence. He was challenged to a duel by a jealous man, who just to kill Enadinatha, applied Thiruneeru marks on his own forehead. Seeing the sacred marks on the opponents, Enadinatha didn't attack and was slain by the armed opponent. Lord Siva was highly pleased with this self-sacrificing devotion that Enadinathar had for the ashes. He appeared before Enadinathar as he fell, and took him to His Abode.
10. Kannappa Nayanar
Tinnar was born to the king of hunters at Uduppur in Pottapi Nadu and himself was a great archer. Though hunter by profession, Tinnanar was full of love and would not kill young ones, females, diseased animals, etc. Spiritually, he had already killed the animals within himself, ie. lust, anger, greed, vanity, etc. On Kalahasti hill, one day he saw Lord Siva in a Siva Lingam and felt supreme love surging in his heart. He offered his both eyes, when the two eyes on the Siva Lingam were oozing blood. Lord Siva caught hold of his hand and said: 'My dear child, Kannappa! Stop plucking your eye.' The Lord repeated the word Kannappa thrice. Kannappar was thrice blessed. Tinnanar became Kannappar, because he gave his own eye to the Lord.
11. KungiliyaKalaya Nayanar
Kungiliya Kalaya Nayanar was a Brahmin by caste and was born in Thirukadavur in the Chola kingdom. He got the name because he was always holding a pot (an incense pot) in his hand. He considered burning of incense before the Lord was the best service to Him. Lord Siva was highly pleased with the Nayanar's intense devotion and his wonderful service. Lord Siva put his devotion to test in many instances, so that the true glory of his supreme devotion to the Lord may be understood by all. He finally bestowed him with eternal bliss.
12. Manakanchara Nayanar
Manakanchara was Vellala by caste and Senathipathi (war general) by profession, was born in Kancharur in Chola kingdom. People of the community had the highest regard for him. He was a contemporary of Sundaramurthi Nayanar. He would read devotees minds from their look, and would serve them without their asking.
13. Arivattaya Nayanar
A rich Vellala by name Thayanar used to live in Kannamangalam in the Chola kingdom. He was leading the life of an ideal Grihastha (householder). Thayanar was a great devotee of Lord Siva. His devotion took the form of a daily offering to the Lord of food prepared with red rice, a sauce made of red herb, and mango. He considered this as an act of great devotion to the Lord. The Lord was highly pleased with Thayanar's devotion and blessed him with ultimate state of consciousness. He later received the name Arivattaya.
14. Anaya Nayanar
Anayar a cowherd by profession, was born in Thirumangalam. He was a staunch devotee of the Lord Siva. He was devoted to the Bhasma, and also to Siva Bhaktas, irrespective of their caste. His devotion to the Lord took the form of playing on his flute the holy Panchakshara Mantra of Siva. He aspired to realise the Lord, through this Mantra. The Lord was immensely pleased with Ayanar's sincere devotion. The sweetness of the music of the flute and the effect of the Panchakshara Mantra both melted His heart. He appeared before Nayanar, with Mother Parvathi, blessed him and took him to Kailas.
15. Murthi Nayanar
Murthi Nayanar was born in Madura in Pandya kingdom. A Vaisya by caste, he was a great devotee of Lord Siva. Daily he used to offer sandalwood paste to the Lord. He was bestowed with Lord Siva's darshan (vision/experience) when one day he used his own elbow as sandal paste when he didn't get any to perform puja with. By Lord's grace, he became ruler of that place, and at the end of his life, attained Siva's consciousness.
16. Muruga Nayanar
Muruga Nayanar was born in Thirupukalur, a place for many other Nayanars also. Daily he would wake up well before sunrise, take bath, wear the sacred ash on his forehead, do his Nitya Karmas, and go to the garden with a basket. Repeating the Panchakshara(holy chant) he would collect flowers, and as mentioned in the Siva Agamas, make colourful garlands and offer to the Lord. He got merged in the Divine Effulgence of the Lord finally.
17. RudraPasupathi Nayanar
Rudra Pasupathi Nayanar was a great devotee of Lord Siva and he resorted to this Sadhana (penance). He used to recite Sri Rudram standing in water, neck deep and was, therefore, blessed by the Lord with Moksha or the ultimate state of bliss. In the vedas the holy hymn that takes the central stage is shri rudram. This holy hymn has in its bosom the holy most mantra for any saivite that is nama sivaya, the siva panchasaram. This is one vedic hymn chanted at any major worship of Lord Siva. Chanting of the holy rudram is called uruththira pachupathi (rudra pashupati)
18. ThiruNalaiPovar Nayanar
Nandanar was a Paraiah (untouchable) by caste. He was born in Adanoor in the Chola kingdom. He was an embodiment of humility and devotion. Lord Siva was his sole refuge. He would often visit the holy places of pilgrimage and supply leather drums and such other musical instruments for the temples. When he went near the temples, he always remained outside and worshipped the Lord mentally. He reached the ultimate state of bliss with his devotion to Lord Siva.
19. Thiru Kurippu Thonda Nayanar
Thiruthondar was born in Thondamandalam. He was a washerman. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Siva. He served Siva Bhaktas, understanding their need by watching for the signs on their face, and hence he had earned the name Thiru Kurippu Thonda Nayanar. His service consisted mainly of washing the clothes of Siva Bhaktas. Lord Siva wanted to bless this devotee and, as usual, it had to be preceded by a severe test and after passing all the tests, bestowed him with His consciousness!
20. Chandesvara Nayanar
Vichara Sarman (who was later known as Chandesvara Nayanar) was born in Thiruchaijnanallur, which was famous for Vedic recitations, Tapas, and Siva Bhakti. He had attained Saroopya Mukthi (liberation, with the attainment of the form of the Lord). The Lord said: ' You worshipped Me with food, clothes and flower garlands. In the same manner, you will also be worshipped.
21. Thiru-Navukkarasar Nayanar

Appar or Thiru Navukkarasar flourished in the 7th century A. D. He is one of the four Saiva Samaya Acharyas (Saivite spiritual teachers). Thiru-Navukkarasar Naynar embraced Jainism at earlier stages of his life. Later he realised he made a mistake and felt at the feet of the Lord and worshipped him. He worshipped with intense devotion. "Oh Lord, I have insulted You and Your religion, I have committed Once on the bank of Godavari, I argued with the saints and established the superiority of Jainism. For all this evil, Lord Yama himself has come to me in the form of this excruciating pain. Oh Lord, You are my sole prop and refuge. Save me. I will ever keep Your Lotus Feet in my heart.' When he concluded the song, the pain disappeared. A celestial voice said: 'From now on you will be known as Thiru Navukkarasar, 'Lord of Speech'. Your glory will spread everywhere.' Thus Lord Siva's grace restored his faith in Saivism.

22. Kulacchirai Nayanar
In devotion to Siva Bhaktas, Kulacchirai Nayanar excelled. He was born in Manamerkudi, in the Pandyan kingdom Nayanar was an able soldier and administrator. Yet, his mind was ever absorbed in the Lord. To him adoration of Siva Bhaktas was equal to adoration of Lord Siva Himself. He saw no difference between Siva Bhaktas and Siva. He reached the ultimate state of bliss with his intense devotion to Lord Siva.
23. Perumizhalai Kurumba Nayanar
Perumizhalai Kurumba Nayanar excelled in Guru Bhakti(Devotion to his Master). He was an ardent devotee of Lord Siva and Siva Bhaktas, too. He heard of Sundaramurthi Nayanar's greatness and mentally accepted him as his Guru. To him, Sundarar was the sole refuge. He adored the Guru in thought, word and deed. By the Guru's grace, he attained all the Siddhis. He was immersed in Siva Bhakti and Guru Bhakti and attained the state of eternal bliss with this attitude.
24. Karaikal Ammaiyar

Punithavathiar as Karaikal Ammaiyar was called, was born in a Vaisya family.She was married to Paramadattan, a wealthy Vaisya. Both of them were leading an ideal householder's life. Her Husband Paramadattan, very soon realised his wife's powerful devotion to Lord Siva and felt that it was a great sin to live with her as her husband. He married another girl and lived separately. Later when she approached him, he revealed that he regarded her, not as his wife, but as a Goddess. She went on a pilgrimage to the holy Kailasa. Feeling that it would be a great sin to place her foot on those sacred grounds, she made the last part of the journey on her head. Lord Siva granted the many boons to her and asked her to proceed to Thiruvalangadu to witness His dance. She went to that place and spent her life singing the praise of Lord Siva.

25. Appuddi Nayanar
In devotion to the Guru, Appudi Nayanar excelled. He was an ardent Siva Bhakta. Appudi had heard of the glories of Thirunavukkarasar (Appar). He knew that Lord Siva Himself, out of compassion for the spiritual aspirants, appeared as the Guru. He meditated on the lotus feet of the Guru. One day his Guru that is Appar himself came to see him and he was surprised to see the devotion of Appudi Nayanar. Appar lived in Appudi Adigal's house for some time. Appudi gained the grace of the Lord, by his wonderful devotion to his Guru, Appar Swamigal.
26 Thiruneelanakka Nayanar
Thiruneelanakka Nayanar lived in Thirusattamangai an important city in the Chola kingdom. Thiruneelanakka Nayanar was very eager to meet the great saint Sambandar who visited his town. Sambandar removed the mist of caste distinction from the eyes of Nayanar and also sang a song in which he glorified Nayanar. When Sambandar got merged in the Light of Lord Siva, Thiruneelanakka Nayanar also got merged in it.
27 Nami Nandi Adigal
In the Chola kingdom there lived a Brahmin called Nami Nandi Adigal. Daily he used to go to Thiruvarur and worship Lord Siva, his sole refuge. The Chola king, hearing of Nandi Adigal's greatness, appointed him as the head of the temple. People's faith in Jainism was lost through the miracles of Nandi Adigal and they embraced Saivism. Later Nandi Adigal settled down in Thiruvarur. He served the Lord and His Bhaktas so nicely that Appar praised him as 'Anipon' (pure gold). Ultimately he attained the glorious realm of the Lord.
28. Thirugnana Sambandar Nayanar
Thiru Jnana Sambandar was born in Seerkali, to great Siva devotees Sivapada Hridaya and Bhagavathiar, as a boon from Lord Siva to establish Saivism. As a child, he used to long for Siva and Parvathi and used to cry on being separated from them. Lord Thoniappar (Siva) appeared with Mother Parvathy and asked Her to feed the child with the milk of divine wisdom. From that moment he was known as Aludaiya Pillayar or one who enjoys the protection of the Lord and also as Thiru Gnana Sambandar as he attained divine wisdom through the grace of Lord Siva and Parvathy. From the moment he drank the Milk of Wisdom, he began to sing soul-stirring songs in praise of Lord Siva. The collection of these songs is called Thevaram. The first hymn of the Thevaram begins with His first hymn sung – Thodudaiya.
29. EyarkonKalikama Nayanar
This saint belonged to the family called 'Eyarkudi' which produced Commanders-in-Chief to Chola kings. He was a great devotee of Lord Siva. Lord Siva brings about a reconciliation between the two Nayanars in a wonderful and mysterious manner. Kalikama Nayanar also belonged to the same age as Sundaramurthi Nayanar and he heard the news that Sundaramurthi Nayanar had sent Lord Siva Himself as his messenger to settle a domestic quarrel. It terribly annoyed Kalikamanar. Sundarar came to know about Kalikamar and realized his fault and entreated the Lord to appease Kalikamar's anger.Lord caused Kalikamar to suffer from colic and made Sundarar to attempt to cure him.But Kalikamar gave up his life by cutting his bowel open, preferring so ,rather than getting cured by Sundarar.Sundarar was not let to know this but after persuation gets to see Nayanar's body .In desperation, Sundarar also attempts to cut his throat. By the grace of Lord Siva, Kalikamar at once came back to life. They embraced each other. Kalikamar spent the rest of his life in the service of the Lord and His devotees and finally reached His Abode.
30. ThiruMula Nayanar
Thirumula Nayanar was a Saiva Siddha and was called Thirumular because he entered into the mortal frame of Mulan. Lord Siva wanted Thirumular to write a book on Saiva Philosophy, containing the essence of all Siva Agamas, in Tamil. Thirumular understood His wish and returned to Thiruvavaduthurai. He worshipped the Lord and sat under the near-by peepul tree in deep meditation. He was in Samadhi for three thousand years. But, every year, he would come down from Samadhi and compose a stanza: thus, in three thousand years he wrote three thousand stanzas. This book is called Thirumandiram.
31. Dandiadigal Nayanar
Dandiadigal was born blind. But, he always repeated the Panchaksharam and visualised the Lord with his inner eyes. Dandi Adigal wanted to extend the area of a tank in a temple in Thiruvarur, in the Chola kingdom. Though he was blind, he had the determination and complete faith in the Lord. He not only finishes his mission but also gains eyesight with his great devotion to God.
32. Murkha Nayanar
This saint was great devotee of Lord Siva and was doing Maahesvara Puja by regularly feeding bhaktas at any cost. He had spent all his wealth in such feeding. He used to gamble and use the money for feeding Siva Bhaktas.The name Murkha Nayanar meant wicked Nayanar since he used to resort to violence if someone refused to gamble. All the money was for lord's bhaktas.
33. Somasira Nayanar
Somasira Nayanar was a Brahmin by caste who lived in Thiruvambur. He was a great devotee of the Lord and served His Bhaktas, irrespective of their caste. He did Yagas and worshipped the Lord, without expecting any reward. He went to Thiruvarur and lived with Sundaramurthi Nayanar to whom he had totally surrendered himself. Thus he got His grace. He was a true Jnani and Karma Yogi.
34. Sakkiya Nayanar
Sakkiya Nayanar had an appearance of Buddhist, But he adored Lord Siva. He believed that, whatever be the external appearance or conduct of one, if he had intense devotion to the Lord, he would attain Liberation. One day, as he was sitting in an open Siva temple and meditating on the Lingam, completely absorbed in the divine bliss, he self-forgetfully threw a stone at the Lingam. On the next day, he realizes that his action was lord's intent and meant that Lord would accept anything offered by His Bhakta in devotion. It became his daily worship. One day, the Lord appeared before him, blessed him and took him to Kailasa.
35. Sirappuli Nayanar
Sirappuli Nayanar was a pious Brahmin who lived in Thiruvakur in the Chola kingdom. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Siva and His Bhaktas. A special spiritual practice of this Nayanar seems to have been the ceaseless repetition of the Panchakshara Mantra (Om Namah Sivaya) with and sincerity, throughout the day and night. He attained the ultimate bliss with sincere devotion to Lord Siva.
36. Siruthonda Nayanar
Siruthonda Nayanar had an original name Paranjyoti. He realised that devotion to the Feet of Lord Siva was the best means of obtaining Liberation from Samsara and so, he clung to Them. He would not eat without first feeding a Siva Bhakta. He regarded himself as the lowly servant of the Lord and His Bhaktas: hence the name Siruthondar (small servant).
37. CheramanPerumal Nayanar
Cheraman Perumal Nayanar was born in Kodunkolur.The name Cheraman was the common name for all Cheras. Perumal was the title adopted by him after his coronation. By his many acts of devotion and piety, he earned the grace of Lord Siva. The Lord sent to him a renowned musician and devotee, Banapatirar, with a palm leaf on which was the Lord's own song in praise of Cheraman! In Kailasa, Cheraman became the chief of Lord Siva's Ganas (servants).
38. Gananatha Nayanar
Gananathar was a pious Brahmin of Sirkali. He was a great Bhakta of Lord Siva. People admired his virtue and devotion and came to him for advice. He invariably gave them some work connected with the temple, according to their ability like cleaning the temple, making garlands, working in the gardens, burn lamps in the temples, etc. Thus he infused devotion in them for the Lord and transformed them into Siva Bhaktas. He was greatly devoted to Gnana Sambandar. All these earned Siva's grace for him.
39. Kootruva Nayanar
This saint was a chieftain of Kalandai. He used to repeat the Panchakshara Mantra, and serve the Bhaktas. Nayanar captured many places in the Chola and Pandyan kingdoms and also wanted that the three thousand Brahmins of Tillai should crown him king and they refuse to do so. The Lord knew that Nayanar's intent was only to spiritualise the coronation. When the Brahmins feared political repercussions, the Lord Himself fulfilled the devotee's wish. .
40. Pugal Chola Nayanar
Pugal Chola Nayanar a great devotee of Lord Siva and his Bhaktas was a Chola king living in Uraiyur. Noticing that his troops killed a Siva Bhakta in a war, he placed the head of Siva Bhakta on a golden plate in his hand and entered fire, thus entering the Lord's Abode.
41. Narasinga Muniyaraiyar Nayanar
This saint a petty chieftain was highly devoted to Lord Siva, lived in Thiru Munaipadi. On one day when feeding Siva Bhaktas in Thiruvathirai, he fed and paid great respect to a naked Bhakta who came with sacred ashes and also gave him 200 gold coins. Thus taught by example to other Bhaktas that outlook is not important for a Nayanar, and all devotees are manifestations of Lord Siva
42. Adipattha Nayanar

This saint was a fisherman born in Nulaipadi near Nagapattinam. It was his practice to let go one fish from his catch daily, as an offering unto the Lord. The Lord wanted to reveal his greatness to the world. Once it so happened that for many consecutive days he could catch only one fish. He let it go, in the name of Lord Siva, and went without food. One day he caught a golden fish, again only one for the day. And, he stuck to his vow and let it go, in the name of Lord Siva. The Lord appeared before him and blessed this illiterate, fisherman saint.

43. Kalikamba Nayanar
This saint was a Vaisya by caste and he lived in Pennagadam in the Chola kingdom. One day while doing service in the temple his former servant came to his house in the guise of a Bhakta. Nayanar, as usual, welcomed him, washed his feet and worshipped him. But, his wife who recognised the former servant did not join. Nayanar understood her lack of devotion, continued his worship of the Bhakta. Practising this form of Yoga Sadhana, he attained the ultimate bliss.
44. Kalia Nayanar

Kalia Nayanar was an oil monger of Thiruvotriyur. His adoration of the Lord, to Whom he was highly devoted, took the form of lighting the temple lamps daily. He was rich. But, in order to reveal his greatness the Lord made him poor. His family people also refused help. He began to work as a labourer to earn the oil. Even this became impossible. At last, in despair, he wanted to cut his own throat and use the blood instead of oil, to burn the lamps. In that attempt, Lord Siva caught hold of his hand and blessed him. What greatness, and what intensity of devotion is portrayed in this simple life! Self-forgetfulness is the key-note in devotion. Remembering God always, the devotee is so thoroughly absorbed in Him, that nothing but God and His worship matters to him.

45. Satti Nayanar
Satti Nayanar was a Vellala by caste. He was born in Varinjiyur in the Chola kingdom. He was a sincere devotee of Lord Siva and honoured His devotees. He could not tolerate anyone speaking ill of them. Lord Siva understood his pure inner Bhav and showered His grace on him.
46. Aiyadigal Kadavarkon Nayanar
Aiyadigal Kadavarkon Nayanar was a Pallava king who ruled over Kanchi and a siva devotee.He renounced his kingdom and undertook pilgrimage of different shrines.He set an example for all to lead the path of virtue and Godlines.He served his subjects by percept and his own personal example
47. Kanampulla Nayanar
Kanampulla Nayanar was a wealthy man in Irukkuvelur. He was a great Siva Bhakta. He wanted to utilise all his wealth in His service only. So, with unswerving devotion he would light the lamps in Siva shrines and sing His praise. He attained the ultimate state of bliss with his sincere devotion to Lord Siva.
48. Kari Nayanar
This ardent devotee of Lord Siva was a native of Thirukadavur. He was a scholar in Tamil. He used to go to the three Tamil kings, and get money by singing Tamil Kovais (anthology). He earned a lot and built temples. Thus he spread the cause of Saivism. He also served Siva Bhaktas and earned His grace. A true devotee of the Lord lives for His sake only. All that he has is offered to the Lord as the devotee's worship.
49. NinraSeer Nedumara Nayanar
Koon Pandyan, the Pandyan king, was ruling in Madura. He was called Koon Pandyan because of his hunchback. When Sambandar came to Madura and was staying outside the city, Kulacchirai Nayanar invited him into the city. When Sambandar sang a song, the king's hunchback was cured, as also his burning pain. He came back to Saivism. Since then he was known as Ninra Seer Nadumara Nayanar. The Pandyan king then defeated the northern kings at Thirunelvely and spread Saivism there. Mangayarkarasiyar helped her husband a lot in this. Both the husband and the wife worshipped Sambandar with great faith and devotion. Their devotion to the Guru and love of Saivism earned His grace for them. Thus himself and his wife attained the state of eternal bliss.
50. Mangayarkarasiyar
Koon Pandyan, the Pandyan king, was ruling in Madura. He was called Koon Pandyan because of his hunchback. When Sambandar came to Madura and was staying outside the city, Kulacchirai Nayanar invited him into the city. When Sambandar sang a song, the king's hunchback was cured, as also his burning pain. He came back to Saivism. Since then he was known as Ninra Seer Nadumara Nayanar. The Pandyan king then defeated the northern kings at Thirunelvely and spread Saivism there. Mangayarkarasiyar helped her husband a lot in this. Both the husband and the wife worshipped Sambandar with great faith and devotion. Their devotion to the Guru and love of Saivism earned His grace for them. Thus himself and his wife attained the state of eternal bliss.
51. Vayilar Nayanar

Vayilar Nayanar belonged to Mylapore. He was a Siva Bhakta. He constructed temples mentally and did Manasic (mental) worship. He built the temple of non-forgetfulness, lit the shining lamp of Self-illumination, bathed the Lord in the waters of immortal Ananda (bliss) and worshipped Him with the elixir of supreme love. Thus he obtained salvation. His life is an example for the hymn of Thirunavukkarasar in which he says "For the Lord of thiruvaiyaru there is no temple other than the minds of the servants who serve Him; love Him; prostrate in front of Him."

52. Munaiyaduvar Nayanar
Munaiyaduvar Nayanar was a great Bhakta of Lord Siva and His devotees. He was always the hope of the desperate, the weak and the vanquished.He used to feed Siva bhaktas and used to earn money by working as a professional fighter and hence he was called 'Munaiyaduvar'. Lord Siva was highly pleased with his devotion and blessed him.
53. Kazharsinga Nayanar
Kazharsinga Nayanar was an ardent devotee of the Lord and a Pallava monarch King. Due to God's grace he defeated the kings of the northern country and established Saivism there. Once he came to Thiruvarur with his queen and visited the temple. The queen, coming round the temple, came to the place where flowers had been kept for Lord Siva's worship, and she smelt a flower which had accidentally fallen on the floor. Seruththunai Nayanar, a devotee of Lord Siva and a pious Vellala of Tanjore, who was doing temple service, was annoyed by her action. He at once cut off the nose of the queen that smelt the flower. The king, hearing the pitiable cry of the queen, rushed to the spot. He was terribly angry with the man who was responsible for the brutal act. Serutthunai Nayanar explained to him the queen's action which was an insult to Lord Siva (Siva Aparadham). The king at once gave an additional punishment to her, by cutting off her hand which picked up the flower. Both the king and Serutthunai Nayanar were glorified by the people and the celestials rained flowers on them. Both of them attained the grace of Lord Siva.
55. Idangazhi Nayanar
This saint was the king of Velas in Kodumbalur. He was a devotee of Lord Siva. He had made arrangements with all the Siva temples to perform worship according to the Siva Agamas. He displayed his zeal for the spread of Saivism. Thus he earned Lord Siva's grace, too and reached the eternal bliss
56. PugazhTunai Nayanar
This saint was a pious Adi Saiva of Seruviliputhur. He was an ardent Siva Bhakta. He was a Pujari (priest) in the temple. His daily duty was to bathe the image, uttering the Mantras and do the Puja, according to the Siva Agamas. In spite of a famine swept over the land and people leaving the place and going,he loved his god and his duty and did not want to leave and continued doing his puja in spite of being emaciated. One day, in spite of his weakness, he fetched water for the Lord's Bath (Abhishekam) and, when he was pouring the water on the Lingam, the water-pot slipped from his hand and fell on Him. Nayanar forgot himself in sheer exhaustion and fainted away. The Lord appeared in his dream and said that He would leave one coin in the temple every day till the famine was over so that he could procure the necessary food with that money and appease his hunger. Nayanar woke up and found that the dream was true! The Lord thus enabled His Bhakta to get over the famine. He continued his daily Puja in the temple and finally reached the Lord's Abode.
57. Kotpuli Nayanar
Kotpuli Nayanar was a Vellala by caste and was the Commander-in-Chief of a Chola king. He was highly devoted to Lord Siva. He was very pious and virtuous. It was his practice to purchase paddy out of his income and give it to Siva temples for the Lord's food. He achieved the state of ultimate bliss with his intense devotion to Lord Siva.
58. Pusalar Nayanar
Pusalar was a Brahmin of Thiru Ninravur in Thondai Mandalam. He excelled in the mental worship of the Lord. He strongly desired to build a temple for Lord Siva, but being poor, mentally gathered the necessary materials for the purpose and laid the foundation stone on an auspicious day. He raised the temple and had even fixed an auspicious day for the installation of the deity in it. Pulasar installed the Lord in his mental temple and continued to worship Him till he attained His Abode.
59. Nesa Nayanar
This saint was the native of Kampili. He was a weaver. He was highly devoted to the Lord Siva and His Bhaktas. His mind was well fixed on the lotus feet of the Lord. His lips always uttered the Panchakshara (Siva mantra) Mantra. His hands were ever busy in the service of His Bhaktas. These three virtues gained the Lord's grace for him.
60. KochengatChola Nayanar
Kochengat Chola Nayanar was a spider in his previous birth and used to worship Siva lingam under a Jambul tree. Spider wove a web above the Lingam to prevent leaves falling on the lingam.
Due to Lord's grace, this spider was born as the son of Suba Devan, the Chola king. He was born with red eyes and his mother calls him Kochekannano' (the child with red eyes) and expired. Hence, he was named Kochengat Cholan. As he grew up, his father enthroned him as king. Kochengat Cholan promoted Saivism. In Thiru Anaika he built a beautiful temple and installed the Siva Lingam under the same Jambul tree! In Chola Nadu he built many shrines and mansions for the use of the three thousand Brahmins of Tillai. He provided for regular worship at Chidambaran. Finally he reached the Lord's Abode. His glories were sung by the poet Poygayar in his 'Kalavazhi Narpathu'
61. ThiruNeelakanta Yazhpanar
Thiru Neelakanta Yazhpanar lived in Thiru Erukattapuliyur in Chola Kingdom. He was an expert in playing the Yazh (similar to Veena, a musical instrument). Hence the name Yazhpanar. It was his habit to visit many sacred shrines and sing His glories on the Yazh. He attained the ultimate with this music
62. Sadaya Nayanar
Sadayanar was an Adi Saivite who lived in Thirunavalur. Isaijnaniyar was his dutiful wife. She was also devoted to the Lord. Due to their virtuous deeds in their past life, a divine child was born to them. He was none other than Sundaramurthi Nayanar.
63. Isaignaniyar Nayanar
Isaignaniyar was the wife of Sadayanar (above mentioned Saint). She was also devoted to Lord Siva. Due to their virtuous deeds in their past life, a divine child was born to them. He was none other than Sundaramurthi Nayanar.