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Info and pics

The Head Office of the Saiva Sithantha Sungum situated at 37 Derby Street Kwa Zulu Natal

Traditionally this has been the home of the Organisation although it must be acknowledged that the Sungum started in our Master's home in Beatrice street. The premises was generously given to our Master by a loving soul Sri Woomapathie Sivam Doorasamy. Substantial improvements have been made over the years and many years ago the hall was dedicated as a memorial to the 1860 Settlers. All major prayers and functions are held here. Before the re-settlement of communities from central Durban and surrounding districts, Derby Street as Head Office is fondly known was a hub of activity every day of the week. A very successful printing press was run from Derby Street, sadly due to circumstances this activity waned and eventually stopped many years ago. The hall and feeding area of Head Office was the venue of countless number of weddings and fund raising events over the years. The weddings was a much needed income generator and sustained the Sungum for many years, sadly with the re-settlement of communities and the building of newer more modern facilties the weddings have also waned over the years and no longer sustains Head Office.

Since 1994 the congregation which was always attributed to Head Office received branch status and became known as the Durban Branch.

The Head Quarters of the Sungum
Head Office
The Hall which is dedicated to the 1860 Settlers
ho memorial
Some of the the members who attended the Council meeting on 22 Nov 2008
local council