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Comments and Info

The Saiva Sithantha Sungum is a non-denomination institution, all are welcome to join. You are more than welcome to ask questions and to make comments on the website that you have just perused.
The webmaster is Anand Munian (based in Gauteng,South Africa).

All branches of the Sungum are requested to submit their history, classes and other activities that they offer and times of the classes and other activities, pictures of their functions and any relevant information that the reader would find interesting about their branch and more importantly the Sungum and our Master's teachings.

It is imperative and important to note that the the views, statements and opinions expressed by the various branches are not necessarily the views, statements and opinions of the webmaster Anand Munian.

My email address is, click on the link below right and your email system will be utilised.

Telephone: South Africa +2711 8378582
Mobile: +27 82 9227846
Address: 127 Inver Avenue
South Africa