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Other Activities

The branch has a social conscience and an affinity with other organisations in the propagation of our religion, language and culture.
We have always been at the forefront in the stand against any perceived injustice regardless of caste, colour, race etc. In recent times our membership has given tremendous support to our brethren in Sri Lanka. The branch membership has taken to the streets in protest against the genocide that our Tamil brothers and sisters are suffering under the authoritarian and sectarian rule of the Sri Lankan government. It was largely through the support of the members of the Sungum and the Dravidians for Peace and Justice that a series of meetings were held with our government to get them to intervene in some meaningful way. It is hoped that in the near future we will see the results of those meetings and government's promises.
The branch has brought Kannan Veeramani to our temple and hall on numerous occasions to sing glorious keerthanais in praise of Sivaperumaan. The community was invited to these shows free of charge just so that they could enjoy aspects of our great culture.
The executive of the branch realised that our hard working members are the lifeblood of the branch and they have over a number of years hosted an Appreciation Evening for our members to show their gratitude and appreciation for their hard work over the preceding year.
The Lenasia branch is an affiliate of the Tamil Federation of Gauteng and has sponsored the hall to the TFG on a number of occasions so that our culture is showcased to our community.
We have also sponsored and let the hall out to other NGO's at a very reduced cost so that our culture is showcased.
In 2007 the branch was requested by the Hindu Co-ordinating Council (HCC) to host the termination point and meals for a 1000 people for the annual Maha Sivarathri Walk in 2008, the executive had no hesitation whatsoever to accede to their request and even though the HCC graciously asked to pay part of the costs the executive stated that the Sungum will bear all costs. It was a wonderful sight seeing so many different sects and denominations enter the temple and thereafter adjourn to the tents to enjoy the meals that were prepared by our hard working members.