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Spiritual Head
His Holiness Sri Swami Sivayoganandha
Our late Swami Swami Soonthereswaranandha and Swami Sivayoganandha at Swami's initiation
Swami Sivayoganandha with his gracious wife Thirumathi Saraswathi

Guru Manivel Perumal was initiated into the order of Swami by the then Spiritual Head of the Saiva Sithantha Sungum Swami Soonthereswaranandha on 22 July 2000. Our Swami was born and brought up in our Sungum. Before being ordained as Swami he served as Guru of the Greenbury Branch and the Swami's Council for many years. Our Swami has a great wealth of knowledge of our Master's works as well as an aura of spirituality about him. He has a calming influence and is a practicing Yogic disciple of the great Yogiar. Our Swami's discourses as well as his sermons and addresses are always uplifting and educational.