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Orissa Primary School in Orient Park, Isipingo
During the late 1980's the need for collective worship in the newly established township of Lotus Park was lacking. This interested Thiru Mari Naidoo, who at the time was a member of the SSS Merebank branch. Through the support and dedication of his wife, Thirumathi Devamma and daughter, Seniloshnie , the township saw the birth of what is now called Lotus Park Branch of the Saiva Sithantha Sungum on 17 February 1991.
The first service was held in the lounge of Thiru and Thirumathi Chandra Guruvaya in Lotus Park and was conducted by Guru Boya Naidoo of Merebank. With the help of the youths, the venue for Sunday services was moved to the classroom of the Orient Hills Primary School. Later this arrangement was terminated by the school's governing body. At this stage Guru Boya Naidoo became ill and Seniloshnee Guruvaya conducted the Sunday services. The Sunday services were then moved to the garage of a devoted saivite, Thirumathi Sandra Naidoo in Lotus Drive.
In 1997, the branch was accepted into the Saiva Sithantha Sungum and joined the Sungum family as the Lotus Park Branch. Guru Sadha and later Guru Manimalan were  seconded as the branch gurus by Head Quarters. On 01 March 1998, Thirumathi Seniloshnie Guruvaya was given the acceptance and blessings of Swami Soontheraswara, Spiritual Head of the Sungum and became the branch Guru.
The branch activities then moved to the Orissa Primary School in Orient Park, Isipingo. Although services are conducted in Orient Park, the branch is still known as the Lotus Park Branch of the Sungum. Guru Barbs as the Guru is known is still the spiritual leader of the branch and commutes between Merebank and Orient Park to conduct services. Thiru L.A Naidoo (Chairperson), Thiru L.Govender (Treasurer) Thirumathi B.D Yerakiah (Secretary) and Thiru M.A Naidoo comprise the committee.
The branch has an exemplary record in that the teachings of our Master is extensively propagated in the form of Sunday services, praying for the sick and needy, funeral services, memorial services, feeding the poor, celebrations of Guru Poosai and Siva Rathri celebrations. Services have been held far and wide and include Stanger. Umzinto, Pietermaritzburg, Chatsworh, Phoenix, Isipingo and surrounding areas. In addition and as a gesture of goodwill and fellowship, other branches of the Sungum have been visited and ideas exchanged.
The congregation has visited and attended other branch functions of the Sungum and functions at Head Quarters.
The Branch is involved in the Sungum's activities and keenly participation in the Children's day and Adult's galas. At branch level many outings for the youths and adults have been undertaken.
The Lotus Park branch, although in need of funds to acquire a shrine and taking into account members plight in terms of finance has not been holding back in terms of donations. The Branch has made funds available for Seaside Pilgrimage, Retreat Centre and other Head Office functions. In addition and for many years, a monthly contribution of R200 is made to Head Office. Such is the wonderful giving nature of the congregation and it is hoped that this goodwill gesture will be sustained in the future.
04 April 2000 was a sad day for Branch and the Sungum as a whole as the father and founder, Thiru Mari Naidoo was called to rest. On 24 July 2007, Thirumathi Devamma Naidoo was also laid to rest. Thiru Chandra Guruvaya passed on in India and members Thirumathi Melissa Govender, Thirumathi Devi Perumal (committee member) and Thiru Stanley Naidoo have since passed on.
The branch vision is to establish a centre in the area so that the Master's teachings could be passed on to as many people as possible and to reach out to the disadvantaged and destitute. 

Thiru M.A Naidoo (Committee member), Thiru L.A Naidoo (Chairperson) Guru S Guruvaya Thirumathi B.S Yerakiah (Secretary) Thiru L.Govender (Treasurer)