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Pictures and pertinent info
Greenbury Branch Alayum and Hall
Phoenix alayum
Front Entrance to the Alayum
Greenbury Alayum
Dr.R.Chetty and Swami Sivayoganandha
Dr Chetty and Swami
Thiru R.B.Chetty

Thiru R.B.Chetty who was a stalwart in the Tamil community in the days of the fledgling Saiva Sithantha Sungum turned to our Master Bramha Sri Siva Subramoney Guruswamigal and urged him to stop the conversions. Our Master acceded to his request and thus started the great revival of Saivism. Our Master single handedly halted Pastor Rowlands and stopped the conversions. We all owe Thiru R.B.Chetty and our Master a great debt of gratitude because all that which is great about our great religion, language and culture is still in our hands.
Sivaperumaan works in mysterious and wonderful ways, the grandson of Thiru R.B.Chetty, Dr.R.Chetty met Thirumathi Saras Perumal and it so transpired that the present Greenbury Alayum was virtually completed with funds from the Thiru R.B.Chetty Trust.

Members from the Greenbury Branch and Lenasia Branch with Swami