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Thamizh Thillai Kootan Veerabadren

Saturday 18 July 2015. 12.40 pm will always be remembered as one of the saddest days in the history of the Sungum especially of the Lenasia Branch for on this day we lost a truly good soul when Thamizh Thillai Kootan Veerabadren left his mortal body. He was a Tamil scholar, a freedom fighter, an intellectual and most importantly for the Lenasia branch he was our Guru. He came into our lives when he was needed the most, no task was too much, too tiresome or too bothersome for him, he was always available. Guru's explanations and understanding of the Saivite religious scriptures and our Master's prayer book was immense and his unselfish nature lent itself to empowering others to fully understand such works. He was indespensible to not only our Sungum but also to the Tamil community at large, he hosted a radio show on East Wave Radio every Saturday and Sunday morning, his show started at 4pm, that says so much for his dedication, devotion and committment to the Tamil culture, religion and arts.
He epitomised the lowering of ones ego which is the cornerstone of Saivism, the folllwing is a story that captures that fact, in 2002 I called him and asked him to facilitate service as we needed someone of his knowledge, he agreed immediately and without reservation. After conducting service he said to me "Thambi I will do anything that you ask of me, officiate at velvis, memorials, funerals, engagements and weddings etc but the one thing you must never do and that is confer me as the guru of the branch because I am not worthy of that title as I have weaknesses like most men". I agreed but the most ironical part is that he was called Guru immediately after conducting service and even after his death he is still referred to as Guru.
I have this belief that he has attained the feet of his Namasivaya because he had an unwavering faith in his beloved Namasivaya.
May he always be remembered.