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Pertinent information

Decision making in the Lenasia Branch:
An Annual General Meeting AGM) is held once a year to elect an Executive committee to run the affairs of the branch.
Only registered members of the branch who have attended service consistently or regularly from the prior AGM are allowed to exercise their right to nominate, vote and to stand as officials.
Because the Lenasia branch does not have a ordained or initiated Guru, there is no involvement from the deputy gurus in the AGM other than nominating and voting.
The nominating and voting of members to the Executive committee by the members of the branch is achieved purely on a democratic process.
The following members are elected, a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer and up to 6 committee members.
Sub committees such as the charity committee, musical group, catering committee, youth group, Mothers group, fund raising etc. are also elected to assist the Executive committee in running the branch. They report directly to the Executive committee and cannot make any binding decision without the approval of the Executive committee.
Any and all spiritual decisions are decided upon with consultation between the deputy gurus and the chairperson. Spiritual decisions that are deemed to be difficult and contentious are referred to the Spiritual Head Swami Sivayoganandha for mediation or decision making.
Prayer functions and activities observed:
The Sunday morning service is strictly observed between 9 am and 10 am every Sunday without exception.
The major functions observed are Sivan Iruvu or Maha Sivarathree, the Maha Samadhi Remembrance Day of our Master, the serva on our Master's birthday (10 May), the Maha Sakthi Prayer (worshipping the mother aspect of Sivaperumaan), Thamizh Puthandu (Tamil New Year) the Sivan Silai Thiru Muzhakam (Lingam Abhishekam), Thiru Annamalai Woli (Karthigai Theebam) and the Remembrance Days of the Saints.
Spiritual and musical classes are held every Wednesday night. It is in this forum that our Master's prayer book is explained in detail by Guru Veerabadren.
Musical classes are also held on Sundays after service months prior to the above mentioned prayer functions.

The Charity committee
Every second Sunday of every month the charity wing of the branch provides lunch for approximately 200 people at the Ebenezer Home which is a home for the underprivileged in the suburb of Grasmere and the Finetown Home, members clean vegetables on a Saturday evening, they get to the temple very early on the Sunday morning and prepare the food, by lunch time the food is transported to the home where members serve each individual. Every second Saturday of every month essentials to the value of approximately R2000.00 is purchased and then transported to the TLC Home for abandoned and HIV infected children in Eikenhof. The wing also provides animal food for the PDSA shelter in Soweto.
The Lenasia branch as per our policy does not accept donations or sponsorships for the day to day running, any projects like building improvements of the temple or hall but when it comes to the charity wing we accept donations and sponsorships for purchasing of all charitable items like groceries and hygienic essentials. Please contact Poobalan Kistesamy on 0839749957, Kumarin Vandayar on 0832120948 or Kelash Munian on 0824896893 if you wish to make a donation, alternatively you can deposit funds into the Saiva Sithantha Sungum's account, Standard Bank, Lenasia Branch, cheque account number 001693913. Please read our policy in the next chapter before you make a donation.

How we derive funds to enable the branch to operate.
It is the branch policy since the present chairperson (Anand Munian) took office in March 2002 that no funds be solicited from any individual, family or organisation. If an individual, family or organisation wishes to donate money etc. then they must be asked as to the reason for the donation, if there is a need for recognition, any gain or the need for a favour or special dispensation then that donation must be refused. If the donation is purely on the basis that nothing is envisaged then the donation will be accepted. The branch must never be compromised under any circumstance whatsoever. It is hoped that this policy is always followed in the future.
Due to the above decision the branch embarked on a more serious initiative of working for our funds. Even though we had a preschool running which brought in much needed funds to run the organisation it was not enough to sustain the organisation in the long term and though the branch had in the past cooked and catered for a fee for weddings and engagements etc. it was decided that a more determined approach and more professionalism was needed. Thus began the catering committee initiative.
In 2002 the executive committee realised that there was a dire need for a community hall that would compliment the temple. Plans were drawn up and submitted in 2002 and in early 2003 these plans were passed by the local council. The building of the hall began in earnest in May 2003, in November 2003 the building was virtually complete. The cost of the building and peripherals was approximately R746 000.00, by hiring out, cooking and catering in our hall resulted in the hall paying itself off by December 2005. Many members of the branch worked tirelessly week after week, month after month to setup, cook, cater, clean and pack away tables, chairs, decor, crockery and cutlery to raise funds to complete the hall. The hall is a testament to these courageous and hard working members.
Many years ago under the leadership of the late Thiru Kenny Naransamy and under the guruship of Guru Arnajellum Pillay it was decided to initiate a preschool to sustain the Sungum financially and to provide a service to the surrounding community. Thirumathi Viggie Daya was appointed as teacher with the lateThiru Kenny Naransamy who was a teacher until retirement as principal. Over the years the preschool brought in much needed funds and is one of the oldest established preschools in Lenasia. Under the tutelage of Mrs V.Daya the school has grown in leaps and bounds and attracts students from far and wide. It is also the school policy to identify 2 destitute students on a yearly basis and offer free education to them.