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40th Anniversary

On 13 November 2010 the Lenaisa Branch celebrated its 40th anniversary. This milestone was celebrated in the most befitting of such an achievement, not out of ego but of one of realising a dream of the founder of the branch Guru Soobramani Phillip, a true devotee of our Master and a truly committed soul. The branch published a 40th anniversary brochure in tribute to Guru Phillip and his dear gracious wife thirumathi Salatchee Phillip. A show was hosted by the branch to celebrate this event and members of the branch as well as wellwishers were invited. Our Head Office executive and our Swami Sivayogananda were also present and lent so much to the event. Although only 400 invitations were extended we were pleasantly surpised to see well over 400 in attendance. Our local artists were given an opportunity to showcase their talents and the headline artist was Isai Selvamani Karthigesan Pillay and troupe from Kwazulu Natal. The show, the celebration and the brochure was an unqualified success. It must be stated for record purposes that the cost of the brochure was borne by the members of the branch as well as a number of wellwishers.