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Present Spiritual Structure

The lateThiru Thamizh Thillai Kootan Veerabadren and Thiru Krishna Rathinsamy
After Guru Arnajellum left there were members who facilitated service to keep the branch going and to serve the community. The members who took on the responsibility of facilitating service for many years were the lateThiru Thamizh Thillai Kootan Veerabadren, Thiru Krishna Rathinsamy, Thiru Devidas Vandayar, Thiru Steve Venketsamy, Thiru Minnel Govindsamy, Thirumathi Valasunthari Naidoo, Thiru Gurunathan and visiting Gurus' from the Sungum (Kwazulu Natal). The executive also employed an individual, the late Thiru Jessie Naik who served for awhile but he left to pursue other interests. Finally in 2003 the executive of the branch decided on two individuals who would be considered to be deputy "gurus" of the Lenasia Branch. The two were the lateThiru Thamizh Thillai Kootan Veerabadren and Thiru Krishna Rathinsamy. It is because of these two good souls that the Lenasia Branch is in the fortunate position that it finds itself. The late Thiru Veerabadren as he was fondly known had an immense knowledge of our prayer book and found great joy in sharing his knowledge and his motto was to empower all members of the Sungum so that we never find ourselves in a situation where we have no one to continue our Master's great works. Whereas Thiru Veerabadren expounded on the works of our Master and the great saints, Thiru Krishna expounds on everyday life and its interwoven complexities and unravels it right back to our Master's works. Due to the empowering skills of both our "gurus" we now have a number of members who can facilitate our Sunday service as well as weddings, engagements, naming ceremonies, funerals and other activities of the Sungum. The structure as of 1 August 2015 is made up of Thiru Krishna Rathinsamy, Thirumathi Guruvaya and Thiru Kess Paul.