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Lenasia Branch History 3 Guru Arnajellum
Guru Arnajellum

Guru Arnajellum Pillay 30 May 1931-29 June 2015
Thiru Arnajellum Pillay was appointed as Guru of the Lenasia branch after the samadhi of Guru Freddy.
Thiru Arnajellum Pillay served as the General Secretary of the Sungum for 20 years. For most of the 20 years spent as General Secretary he worked closely with the late Swami Sivananda Navalar. He was known for his efficiency and innovativeness. Thiru Arnajellum left Durban in March 1982 and sought employment in Johannesburg and subsequently became a member of the Lenasia Branch and worked closely with Guru Soobramaniam. Thiru Arnajellum was also greatly influenced by Guru Soobramaniam.
Tragedy struck both Thiru Arnajellum and Guru Soobramaniam in May 1988, as a result of an automobile accident in which Guru Soobramaniam succumbed to his injuries and Thiru Arnajellum still bears the scars of that tragic accident. Thiru Arnajellum went through many tragic circumstances but his faith in Namasivaya has never wavered.
After the accident, Thiru Arnajellum went back to Durban but the call of the Lenasia branch proved too strong and he returned to assist Guru Bogathanantha whose health was deteriorating. Thiru Arnajellum officially took charge of the Lenasia Branch in September 1997 and became known as Guru Arnajellum. His knowledge of our prayer book is immense. Through his guidance many improvements were made in the branch and it was his brainchild to initiate a preschool to sustain the branch financially. In 2001 due to unfortunate and difficult circumstances Guru Arnajellum Pillay severed ties with the Lenasia branch as well as the Sungum and left to form the Arul Gnana Iyakum which also propagates the works of our Master.
After a long illness Guru Arnejellum Pillay passed away peacefully on 29 June 2015. May he attain the lotus feet of Sivaperumaan.