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Lenasia Branch History 2 Guru Bogathanantha
Guru Freddy

Guru Bogathanantha (Freddy) Somiah
15 January 1937 4 March 1995
After Guru Subramaniam attained samadhi the branch was in limbo for a short space of time but a member of the congregation Thiru Bogathananthan took up the challenge and became the branch Guru. He was fondly known as Guru Freddy. Guru Freddy radiated calmness and had a pious aura about him. It is also the very reason that he had an affinity for music and that went in tandem with his masterful renditions of Guruswamigal's songs. He was indeed blessed with a beautiful voice. During his lifetime as a member of the Sungum he was always willing to carry out tasks that went beyond and above the call of duty. He was always available and was first to respond to any call. Praise and honour were not his reasons for service to our community. His reasons were always to carry out his Master's work and the upliftment of the spiritual aspect of our community. His philosophy was, if one did something it must be from the heart, it must be sincere and must not be done for gain. During the latter part of his life Guru Freddy suffered ill health which also led to the deteriorating of his eyesight. His ill health did not stop him and with the help of his wife Thirumathi Ruby Somiah he was able to accomplish his duties. He was always concerned with the underprivileged and through his business he provided charity to the needy. Such was his devotion to the Sungum and its members that he often neglected his business to concentrate on his duties as a Guru and a leader of the community. Guru Freddy had two missions in his life, one was to visit our motherland, India and the other was to standardise the musical renditions of Guruswamigal's songs and he recorded songs from our Sunday service and songs for funerals and other functions. He fulfilled his dream to visit India and his other dream is coming to fruition after his death. One of the Head Office intentions for the new millennium is to standardise the way all Sungum Branches perform music for all functions and the tapes that Guru Freddy recorded will be used. These recordings are the legacy of Guru Freddy. Guru Freddy attained Samadhi on 4 March 1995 and he passed on while holding a small Sivalingam.
Guru Freddy will always be with us through his masterful renditions of Guruswamigal's compositions.