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The following edicts are enshrined and entrenched in our constitution:
We worship Sivaperumaan as the Supreme God.
We follow the Saiva Sithantha teachings as expounded by His Divine Grace Sri Siva Soobramonia Guru Swamigal.
We believe in the strict observance of Sunday services, Yoga and Meditation.
We believe in mercifulness in and towards every living human or animal regardless of size, character and species.
We believe in vegetarianism, anti-vivisection, total abstinence from all foods such as meat, fish, poultry and eggs. Only dead (un-tortured) bodies may be used for certain vital purposes.
We believe in non-sectarianism; alms and assistance for the poor and helpless irrespective of caste, colour or creed. We believe in condemnation of all distinctions regarding caste, colour or creed.
We believe in monogamous marriage.
We believe in systematic family and home life; health and education for all with social and domestic duties for every member of the family. A chaste and moral life to be always practiced by both sexes.
Every child must be consecrated, nursed, educated and matured according to the Saivite culture.
We believe that every member of the family shall earn an honest living either inside or outside the home. Hooliganism, prostitution, adultery, smoking, consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs and loose living is abhorred and banned.
We believe that priest craft, merchandise and material offerings (such as coconuts, fruits, milk, foods etc.) must be avoided by every devotee. However, every devotee should rather be a real working machine in the interests of the Organisation.
We believe in the total abstinence from all habits, which are unnatural and contrary to God, religion and the progress of mankind.