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Pertinent Points

The Sunday congregational service that the Master instituted was unique in that it differed from all other Tamil and Hindu forms of worship in those days of yore.
The Master instituted this form of disciplined worship to not only instil the worship of Sivaperumaan but to counteract the Sunday congregational service of the Christians which many converts and potential converts found appealing.
The Master composed 136 keerthanais excluding the Sunday service keerthanais and Guru vaichiums.
The Master demonstrated the power of meditation and pranayamam by being buried on 3 different occasions ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. These demonstrations were witnessed by all and sundry including the medical fraternity and the press at that time.
To counteract the sacrificing of innocent animals in the name of religion and especially during "Porridge Prayers" and "Mariamman Prayers" the Master instituted the Maha Sakthee Prayer in which devotees pray and worship the mother aspect of Sivaperumaan, this is not to be confused with the creation of another God or Goddess, it is Sivasakthi and not Siva and Sakthi. Many Sungum members if not all then stopped the observance of the Porridge Prayer, and looked forward to the Maha Sakthee prayer which is one of highlights of the Sungum calendar attended by not only members of the Sungum but by all Tamil and Hindu denomination worshippers. (Please note this is in no way a condemnation of these prayers but the sacrificing of innocent animals in the name of these prayers is frowned upon)
Unlike many other reformers the Master advocated the fight for freedom for not only South Africans but of India as well. In many of his compositions the Master advocates the overthrow of suppressors and inequality.
At this point in time 2 April 2014 there are 22 branches spread throughout South Africa.
There were 5 successors or Spiritual Heads after our Master attained Maha Samadhi, the late His Holiness Sri Swami Karunianandha Swamigal, the late His Holiness Sri Swami Sivanandha Navalar, the late His Holiness Sri Swami Arjunanandha, the late His Holiness Sri Swami Sundhreswaranandha and the present Spiritual Head His Holiness Sri Swami Sivayoganandha.
There are many other Saivite organisations that propagate and follow the Master's teaching, viz. The Saiva Sithantha Kazhakam, The Jothi Linga Mandabam, The Saiva Sithantha Gurukulum and The Arul Gnana Iyakam. Through the length and breadth of South Africa there are many organisations and individuals that sing keerthanais of our Master without even realising or acknowledging that our Master wrote those very keerthanais (Theva Kaaraai, Namasivaya Om and many others).