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The Master's Commandments

Commandments of His Holiness Bramha Sri Siva Soobramaniar Guru Swamigal.
Oh! members of the Saiva Sithantha Sungum clearly understand that the Saiva Sithantha Sungum was founded to preserve and propagate the worship of Sivaperumaan as taught by our Saiva saints and sages.
Oh! brothers and sisters, have a thirst for spirituality; join the Saiva Sithantha Sungum which does not discriminate against caste, creed, gender, religion, status, language etc. and worship Sivaperumaan and improve your spiritual life.
Oh! devotees of Sivaperumaan, do not condemn any religion. All religions were created by Sivaperumaan. Do not condemn ritualistic worship.
The guidance of a Siva Guru is of utmost importance in this spiritual journey. Do not allow arrogance (ego) to use you as an instrument to create any problems. If you, yourself find faults, you will be wasting valuable time that could have been used solely for the worship of Sivaperumaan. Do not involve yourself in debates and quarrels etc, instead concentrate in developing inner purity, love, unity etc.
People of the world consciously or unconsciously worship the Siva Guru, Sacred Sivalingam and Siva devotees (Guru, Linga, Sungum). Because the members of the Saiva Sithantha Sungum understand this Truth, you should serve humanity selflessly.
Oh! members of the Sungum, do not speak without improving your community spiritually, if you cannot practice what you preach. Oh! devotees of Sivaperumaan, patronise traditional musical instruments, Bharata Naatiyam and scholars, Tamil Saiva Sithantham.
Oh! preservers of virtue, because you have realised the Truth, you should propagate the fact that the sacred utterances of the Sivaguru are none other than the utterances of Sivaperumaan Himself. By doing this, you will experience bliss, in this life and the future life.
You will learn (Pathi, Pasu Paasam) from the Sivaguru that the body appears, exists and is finally dissolved by the Divine Grace of Sivaperumaan. You should therefore have immense faith, devotion and trust in the Sivaguru and worship the formless form of Sivaperumaan which is the sacred Sivalingam.
Oh! scholars of Tamil and Saiva Sithantham, spiritual education is the only instrument that can assist us to improve our society. Every member of our Sungum, both men and women must make it their duty to receive spiritual education. Realise that the little message and wisdom given in the sacred Subramonium which is the Sungum's holy scripture are the utterances of Sivaperumaan himself. If you have trust in the Subramonium every aspect of your life will improve.
You, the members of the Sungum must practice the four virtues of Aram, Porul, Inbum and Veedu (as taught by St Thiruvalluvar in the sacred Thirukural)
Oh Dear Ones, life on earth is impossible without Mann (land, property and possessions) Penn (women) and Pon (gold and wealth). You should lead a virtuous life on earth in association with the three, but do not be attached to them. It is good not to speak ill of these associations. If we practise this our society will improve tremendously. However if we condemn these three our society will be infested with beggars, lazy people and many will live in poverty. Help those who truly deserve and need help. Lead a virtuous life.
Oh! members of the Sungum, alcoholism, drug abuse and consumption of the flesh of animals and other creatures are the cause of poverty and health problems and bad karma. you must therefore abstain from these. Your lives will definitely improve.
Oh! devotees filled with Saiva wisdom you must not worship petty Gods. Worship only Sivaperumaan, who is the Supreme Lord of all other petty Gods.
Sivaperumaan Himself teaches through the Sivaguru, therefore you must not condemn the true genuine Sivaguru.
Oh! members of the Sungum a true liberated Guru is one who is not deluded by the world and body (effects of maayam). He lives a virtuous life on earth and is totally detached from the body and world. He points out the difference between the life of delusion and the life of Truth to the people of the world, thereby helping them to improve spiritually.
Oh! Dear Ones, you must practise Pranayamam, Japam and Dhyaanam at a particular time every morning and any time during the evening. By constant practice of these, you will live a life free from illness and you will also experience peace, love and bliss.
Oh! Saiva Sithanthins, you must adorn the holy Rudraksham and holy ashes with immense faith and devotion. The whole seen universe exists within the sacred Rudraksham and sacred ashes. After realizing this Truth, meditate and remain in a non dual state with Sivaperumaan.
Oh! devotees of Sivaperumaan, our ancestors spoke about many forms of Sivaperumaan. These are all symbolic of certain philisophical Truths. Some people, because of ignorance of this fact, may condemn such forms and also worship of them. You must not do the same, instead you must make a concerted effort to understand the philosophical meaning behind these forms. This can only be achieved, if you serve as a worthy disciple under a Sivaguru who will impart Sivajnaanam to you.
Oh! Saivites, Vaishnavites, Buddhists, Christians and Muslims, if you want to live peacefully, you need to develop love and unity amongst yourselves. The one Lord who created this universe has been given names by various religions. Therefore, develop unity, love and compassion for other souls amongst yourselves.